HAIR; Liza Broono, #Foxy - Mishi
DRESS; Tatyana Ultsch, Insanya - SoraiaDress | The Season's Story
TOP; Blueberryxx Resident, Blueberry - Lila | New release
JACKET; Vo Pralou, SEUL - Robyn Puffer
LEGGINGS; Blueberryxx Resident, Blueberry - Cake Leggings
SHOES; Valou Adasia, Paperdolls - Laced Booties | The Season's Story
GLASSES; Kreao Kujisawa, Cubic Cherry - Bloom | The Season's Story

HAT; babyHazy Resident, Chu-ing - Heart Beam | The Season's Story
HAIR; Evadne Quintessa, Mithral - Amaranth | The Season's Story
DRESS W/ JACKET; m8229mn Resident, Nomi - Plum with Butterfly | The Season's Story
SOCKS; Pnknkitin Resident, Konpeitou - Tabi one rose
SHOES; Pnknkitin Resident, Konpeitou - Sweetie
BUTTERFLIES; Nastasica Resident, Sorumin - Vintage Princess | The Season's Story

HAIR; Helyanwe Vindaloo, Doe - Emma | The Season's Story
COLLAR; Glitch Grantham, Quirky - Rogue Choker | The Season's Story
NECKLACE; Misa Kierstrider, MICHAN - Bommie | The Season's Story
DRESS; Valentine Coy, Justice - Lilly Dress | The Season's Story
JACKET; MONlMANl Resident, M.BIRDIE - Leah look-Jacket on shoulder5
SHOES; rebeca Dembo, CandyDoll - Hedy Boots | C88 04/2018

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